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Jason Wee Zheng Khai

Founder & Director

Meet Jason, an entrepreneurial dynamo seamlessly blending visionary entrepreneurship with a wealth of expertise in the realm of People & Culture leadership. With an illustrious career spanning over a decade across multifaceted industries, including hospitality, digital innovation and technology, he has established himself as a dedicated innovator and a compassionate advocate for nurturing talent.

Jason’s journey commenced with a diploma in Hospitality Management, a foundation that cultivated his adeptness in crafting exceptional customer experiences and navigating intricate operational terrains. Furled by a deep-seated belief in the potential of human capital within organisations, he pursued a cascade of HR certifications that have solidified his position as an authoritative HR specialist. His portfolio boasts numerous distinguished accolades in recognition of his unwavering commitment to fostering an ecosystem where individuals can flourish.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jason has been a driving force behind the success of HR teams across diverse regions and organisations, consistently delivering impartial and judicious resolutions to employee concerns. His overarching aspiration revolves around unlocking the latent potential within each individual and fostering an environment that propels collective growth and advancement.

In conclusion, Jason’s journey encapsulates his fervent dedication to fostering businesses, nurturing the vision of an entrepreneurial trailblazer, and ushering in holistic individual development. His unwavering commitment to nurturing culture, driving innovation, and fostering human potential is steering organisations and individuals towards a future radiating with promise.

Coco Lim

Co-Founder & Director

Coco Lim is a seasoned Human Resources professional with a track record of success in the SME industry. Her extensive experience in SME sector has equipped her with a deep understanding of its nuances and challenges, allowing her to develop effective strategies that drive continuous organisational growth.

With a focus on talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and HRMS implementation, Coco’s skills are diverse and comprehensive. Her expertise extends beyond local markets, encompassing a strong grasp of the intricacies of South East Asian business landscapes.

One of Coco’s standout abilities is her adeptness at addressing the specific challenges that SMEs often face. She has a proven ability to construct HR frameworks from the ground up, adeptly transforming obstacles into achievements. A notable highlight is her remarkable accomplishment of swiftly expanding teams from 10 to 100 employees within a single year, strategically aligning with business expansion goals.

Coco Lim’s unwavering commitment to the success of SMEs is evident in her work. By combining her wealth of experience, innovative thinking, and collaborative approach, she guarantees to enhance your SME’s accomplishments.

Embracing Coco’s proficiency and passion will undoubtedly propel your SME towards a future characterised by growth, success, and innovation. Her proven strategies and dedication make her an invaluable asset for any SME looking to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.


Alison Hiew

Alison started her career in Training & Development with a highly reputable Training Provider and has worked with organisations from both the private and public sector. She has managed and delivered leadership and team enhancement training solutions for her clients from 2011 to 2016.

Thereafter, Alison took lead on Learning & Development (L&D) role with Marriott International (then Starwood Intl) for a premium hotel in the pre-opening stage; setting up the L&D division and assisted in setting up the Human Resources Department. She has then worked with several luxury hotels in other pre-opening projects and the opening project with the luxury hotel, W Kuala Lumpur. Thereafter, held a Global L&D portfolio with an international aviation hospitality group.

Backed with her Bachelor Degree in Psychological Science, her outgoing personality, and a genuine inquisitive approach, Alison has held her steadfast passion in L&D for the past 13 years.


Oscar Lee

Oscar’s professional career originated in agricultural technology, boasting over 20 years of extensive experience in agriculture. He has held high-ranking positions in agricultural companies in Switzerland, the United States, Germany and Spain across the Asia-Pacific. Additionally, he graduated from University Putra Malaysia(UPM) with a master’s degree in agriculture.

In 2015, Oscar expanded his career into the realm of holistic healing. Leveraging years of experience in mind-body counseling, he has provided assistance and advice for life discovery journeys to thousands of individuals.

With his rich experience in mind-body counseling and a warm, kind, and loving personality, Oscar passionately dedicates himself to realm of holistic healing and personal growth.


We boast a team of over 10 highly experienced professionals at UpGrowth, each hailing from diverse backgrounds, wielding a wide range of expertise, occupying various roles, and holding esteemed positions within renowned international organizations.


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Teams work when team players are aligned & committed to a common vision / mission / goal.


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To authorise is to entrust, to be authorised is to be accountable.


Clear any doubt or concern immediately with the source.



Be enthusiastic with all that you do.


Be denoted to what you are entrusted.


Be accountable for your actions.


Be convincing and persuasive in your words.


Be generous and kind to people around you.



100% is possible 100% of the time!


If it’s to be, it’s up to me!


Life is an enrollment game!


I honour my word with my actions!


My vision/ commitment/ promise dictates my ways of being & actions, not my feeling, judgements & evaluations! (And I do have feelings, judgements & evaluations)


Let the results speak!

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